By plane

You will arrive at the Helsinki–Vantaa Airport, airport code "HEL". There is no train connection, but there are two frequent bus connections between the airport and downtown Helsinki:

Both buses are good options; the extra price of the Finnair bus gives you a bit faster connection and more comfortable coaches.

You can find the bus stops right outside terminals T1 and T2; both buses stop at both terminals. Follow the signs for the bus stops, and then locate the right platform by looking for "615" or "Finnair City Bus". Both buses will take you to the central railway station – it is the last stop, and impossible to miss. The railway station is within a short walking distance from the conference site (see map).

On your way back, note that bus 615 departs on the eastern side of the railway station ("Rautatientori" = Railway Square, map label D), while Finnair city bus departs on the western side of the railway station ("Elielinaukio" = Eliel Square, map label E). At the airport, the buses stop first at terminal T1 and right after that at terminal T2. These two stops are usually announced, but do not worry if you miss the T1 stop: you can simply leave at T2, enter the airport building, and follow the signs for T1. The two terminals are just two ends of the same building, connected by a corridor.

Taxis are reliable but expensive; you are unlikely to need one unless you arrive very late.

By boat or train

There are fast and frequent ferry connections between Helsinki and Tallinn. You can also travel by boat from Stockholm to Helsinki, or you can take a ferry from Stockholm to Turku and then a train from Turku to Helsinki.

There is a train connection between St. Petersburg and Helsinki.

(When browsing timetables, note that Helsinki = Helsingfors, Turku = Åbo, Tallinn = Tallinna, and St. Petersburg = Pietari.)

More information


Below is a selection of hotels near the conference venue. Many other nearby hotels can be found on services such as TripAdvisor or

We have a special deal with some hotels indicated by explicit prices in the list below. Please contact the hotel by email or by phone and mention the code "CPM/SWAT". Capacities are limited and there is no guarantee of availability or that the prices are the cheapest available.

Please make a reservation as soon as possible. Particularly so if you are arriving before 2 July since availability may be limited due to European Athletics Championships on 27 June–1 July 2012.

Hotel Special deals TripAdvisor reviews
(April 2012)
Hotel Arthur single: 70 EUR/night,
double: 90 EUR/night
rank 40/72
Cumulus Kaisaniemi single: 95 EUR/night,
double: 115 EUR/night
rank 37/72
Hotelli Seurahuone single: 100 EUR/night,
double: 120 EUR/night
rank 23/72
Holiday Inn Helsinki City Centre single: 105 EUR/night,
double: 125 EUR/night
rank 13/72
Sokos Hotel Helsinki single: 110 EUR/night,
double: 120 EUR/night
rank 31/72
Sokos Hotel Vaakuna single: 118 EUR/night,
double: 128 EUR/night
rank 21/72
GLO Hotel Kluuvi rank 3/72


You can use the service to find restaurants and browse reviews. You can filter the map by restaurant type, rating, and opening hours.

Please remember that lunch is not included in the conference fee. In the conference material you will find a map with plenty of lunch options. The easiest approach is to just follow one of the local organisers for lunch; each of us will lead a group of conference guests to one of the restaurants near the conference venue. We have two hours reserved for lunch, so we are in no hurry even if some places turn out to be full.


Many restaurants have inexpensive lunch menus, typically Mon–Fri 11am–2pm. Here are some examples of typical restaurant prices in downtown Helsinki area (but of course you can find much cheaper fast-food places and very expensive and fancy restaurants):

Some restaurants may charge you 1 € for tap water and our university cafeterias will add 0.04 € if you pay with a credit card, but other than that, there should be no hidden costs. The price on the menu is precisely the price that you will pay. There are no extra taxes, service fees, etc. that will be added to the bill. In particular, tipping is never expected.


Here are further comments on some restaurants that are very close to the conference venue:


For some fresh air

Walk to the Market Square (see map) and follow the sea front. If you go right, you will eventually reach Kaivopuisto; there is a nice view to Suomenlinna. If you go left, you can walk around Katajanokka and see the icebreakers that are waiting for winter.

For a rainy day


SWAT is co-located with CPM 2012, the 23rd Annual Symposium on Combinatorial Pattern Matching (3–5 July 2012). A registration to SWAT 2012 gives you access to all technical sessions and keynote talks in both SWAT 2012 and CPM 2012.

There are also many non-academic events in 2012 in Helsinki area, including:


Finland is part of the eurozone and Schengen Agreement.

If you need any kind of help, or if you have any questions, please contact the conference information desk on the 2nd floor!